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The start of something crazy on YouTube!

The start of something crazy on YouTube!

The Launch:

Play first person sits at the precipice of launching. This week play 1st person will be putting up its social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+), a meetup group, and a craigslist event for the beginning of June, 2016. You may also see us at Colorado Mills or other malls in the Denver Colorado, or Lakewood, CO areas passing out flyers for the first event.

Like any new company PlayFP will be releasing a press release about its first event. The first event is on June 11th at 1:00 PM. If you wish to register, for our scavenger hunt; please arrive by 12:45 to Signup. A signed photo release will be required. The photography release is required because the footage will be used in our Youtube show.

Play in First Person on Youtube:

The Youtube show will be shoutcasted by two captains, and it will feature footage shot in the first person perspective by contestants. Someone on the team must always be filming the actions of your team to qualify for prizes. You may use a Iphone, Android, or another smartphone. The use of Gopros and other digital video camera's will be accepted, but we need to be able to retrieve the video quickly on site. Further rules will given at the event.

The Event: Live Action Scavenger Hunt

Please signup for the event ahead of time via our website Teams should consist of two or more people. We do not put a cap on the size of your team, but honestly do you want to split the prize 100 ways.

Speaking of prizes, let your friends know about the chance to win $155.00 in prize money. The prizes will be awarded from participation in the June eleventh scavenger hunt. 1st place will receive $100.00, 2nd place will receive $25.00, 3rd will receive $10.00. We will also be awarding a funniest moment prize of $20.00.

The funniest moment will be community voted. Please vote using the thumbs up feature on youtube. Thumbs down will not mean anything for the purpose of this contest. Oh and...Don't forget to share the Youtube videos with your friends, to increase your chance of winning. Funniest moments prize of $20.00 will be awarded on July 1st, so you have have plenty of time to vote.

The event is a social game show, so it will feature social related scavenger items. The scavenger hunt social items will be activities like air guitar, charades, etc. Come out with your group, and have some fun away from the TV.

There are no purchases necessary to participate in the event; it's free! That's right there is no entry fee. This is a great event to do with a family, friends, girl's night out, or even an afternoon date.

Social Media & Playing in 1st person

Thank you to those people who plan to attend the first event, and thank you to the many teams who have/will join/ed in the Scavenger hunt. As a request due to the fledgling social following, please like, share, retweet, and post pictures from the event on your social networks with the tag, playfp, or #playfp in the case of twitter. As more people that know about the website, the grander the prizes will become.

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The start of something crazy!

Play first person sits at the precipice of launching. This week play 1st person will be putting up its social media...

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