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Play FP #1

Lakewood, CO
Colorado Mills Mall
11 June Saturday

Coming Soon

Denver, CO
TBD Saturday


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The start of something crazy on YouTube!

Play First Person sits at the precipice of launching. This week Play 1st Person will be putting up its social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+), a meetup group, and a craigslist event for the beginning of June, 2016. You may also see us at Colorado Mills or other malls in the Denver Colorado, or Lakewood, CO areas passing out flyers for the first event.

In the Beginning

There was only third person perspective and two dimensional (2D). You had to see your character run along the screen like a little flat sad,…oh so very sad, little man or woman. Games of tag were depressing because they lacked any kind of fun. The world was a dismal place.

Then the first person crew brought you playfp.com, and everything became lollipops and flying hamsters. People could see out of their own eyes! It was an amazing day. When people could see, the world began to grow into a three dimensional (3D) world. Imagine watching games of tag, frisbee, football, poker, a t ball, or even a medical treatment. The sky is the limit with playfp.com, and we are bringing this gift of sight through first person fun to you for FREE!

But wait, it can get better. With a number of the play first person games, you can win money or prizes. How do you win? To win a game at playfp.com you must participate, and submit your video at the end of the game for prize consideration. I know we all want something for nothing, but bleep, bleep,…sorry buddy it’s just not gonna happen.

Get To Know Us

Playfp.com will start in Colorado, and will soon be coming to a city near you. If you wish to sign up as a Game Captain! Please shoot us an email: email thingggy. Our current team consists of an expert nerd, an expert fill in girl, an expert trail running fanatic, and an expert stuffed animal. Basically we are a group of people who love life.

We are going to bring a number of games to you from high five contests, to the skit comedy contests, fun organized games to play, or whatever else tickles our fancy. Do not tickle Jesse he will become a Were-Hamster, and eat you!! You have been warned!

Our playfp.com Game Captain's will have their own bio's, so when you are going to an event, which they organize you know whom you are looking for. We wish to avoid someone going to a Zombie Apocalypse event, and then that someone is eaten by the wrong zombie. Outrageous! We must have standards for our games.

Meet the Game Captains

Jacob McKinney

Jacob McKinney


Techno Logical Develop Mentalist, Gamer and Entrepreneur. You'll often find me on Steam playing a variety of games or Coding my face off listing to Google Music.

Jesse Luginbuhl

Jesse Luginbuhl

Trail Fanatic

Hiker and runner of trails, FPS gamer (DOOM, Halo, and Unreal Tournament), and Entrepreneur. He will be running trails while listening to Country, Classical, and vocal trance.

Fill in Girl

Woman's Name Here

Fill in Girl

These women help us in more ways than one on a regular basis and are crazy to spend time with us. They are our friends and family, so please be kind or they may not return.

Robafent the Elephant

Robafent the Elephant

Stuffed Animal

Our mascot, enjoying a nice brisk day outside. Could he be any more adorable?

In memory of Robert Burris.

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