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Fortnite Livestream

Monster Hunter: World Stream #1

9 August Thursday
Fortnite Live Stream

Stream #100

13 August Monday


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The start of something crazy on YouTube!

Venture Nerd here and this is my brand new website! I'm so excited to bring everyone under one location for the newest information on my live streams and upcoming video drops.


In the Beginning

There was only third person perspective and two dimensional (2D). You had to see your character run along the screen like a little flat sad, ...oh so very sad, little man or woman. Games of tag were depressing because they lacked any kind of fun. The world was a dismal place.

Then the first person crew brought you playfp.com, and everything became lollipops and flying hamsters. People could see out of their own eyes! It was an amazing day. When people could see, the world began to grow into a three dimensional (3D) world. Imagine watching games of tag, frisbee, football, poker, or even a medical treatment. The sky is the limit with playfp.com, and we are bringing this gift of sight through first person fun to you for FREE!

But wait, it can get better. With a number of the Venture Nerd streams, you can win money or prizes. How do you win? To win, all you need to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow along in the fun. You never know when I might drop a Live Giveaway!

Get To Know Me

I'm Venture Nerd and I've been playing videos games for as long as I've been talking. Weither is a new Shooter like Fortnite Battle Royale or an old DOS Class, The Humans, I love video games. Soon I plan to be playing Monster Hunter: World!

Meet the Game Captains

Jacob McKinney

Venture Nerd

Pro Gamer

Techno Logical Develop Mentalist, Gamer and Entrepreneur. You'll often find me on Steam playing a variety of games or Coding my face off listing to Google Music.

Fill in Girl

Woman's Name Here

Fill in Girl

These women help me in more ways than one on a regular basis and are crazy to spend time with me. They are my friends and family, so please be kind or they may not return.

Robafent the Elephant

Robafent the Elephant

Stuffed Animal

Our mascot, enjoying a nice brisk day outside. Could he be any more adorable?

In memory of Robert Burris.

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